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AAA All City Water Damage is ready and able to take care of any and all restoration needs, large or small, residential or business. Our team of service technicians is experienced in all areas of the restoration process, allowing us to rapidly assess your unique needs and begin restoration work immediately. This lightning fast response means that you get back to life as normal as soon as possible, without the threat of additional damage or other long term problems.

Water Damage Restoration

Few things can devastate a home quite like water damage and the carnage that is left behind can be overwhelming to the average homeowner, or even the above average one. There is just no way to describe the kind of damage left behind after a flood or major spill without actually experiencing it. Water is truly the gift that keeps on giving, since it causes major damage right away and continues to cause problems, merrily eating away at the structural core of your home, until it has been forcibly removed and all affected surfaces cleaned up.

Most water problems are not due to floods or major spills, but rather small leaks that go unnoticed for extended periods. By the time they become apparent, the damage has been done. Any type of water problem requires prompt, efficient service in order to properly correct. AAA All City Water Damage is there to be the go to source for all problems related to water, flooding, leaks, and spills.

Sewage Cleanup

If water damage is the bad dream, then sewage backup is the nightmare. Sewage brings all the same problems found in the average water damage case, along with added goodies like dangerous bacteria, fungi, parasites, and other contaminants that may cause serious discomfort and illness if ingested by or exposed to humans and pets. Sewage based water damage also accelerates the growth of mold, bringing an additional level of problems to the table.

Due to its unhealthy nature, sewage cleanup and restoration is always a job for the professionals, the pros at AAA All City Water Damage. We have the tools and techniques that are needed to eradicate your sewage backup problem, eliminating the sewage, cleaning up all affected surfaces, and carefully restoring your property to its original state.

Mold Remediation

Mold is the crazy first cousin to water damage, usually showing up on the scene within a couple of days of a water damage event, spreading quickly, and proving very difficult to get rid of successfully. More than one homeowner has tried their hand at eliminating mold, only to find the problem has now spread to other areas of the home. Mold is unsightly, it smells bad, and depending on the strain present in your home, it may actively pose a threat to the health of your family and pets.

We provide first rate mold remediation services, not only getting rid of the mold growth, but also treating the area to make sure that it does not return in the future. Our mold technicians are well trained, certified, and experienced, which means we can work on your mold problem without inadvertently making it worse.

AAA All City Water Damage is a full service restoration company, serving the King, Pierce, Snohomish and Thurston county areas. We work hard to provide every client with quality, affordable cleanup and restoration services for all damage related to water, fires, wind, and mold, with a response time that is much faster than any of our competitors. Because disaster rarely accommodates your schedule, we are available 24/7 and offer same day emergency service in most cases, allowing us to be onsite and working to correct your water damage needs as soon as possible. Of course all work is covered by the best guarantee in the restoration industry. Don’t trust your home to just anyone. Call the IICRC certified restoration professionals at AAA All City Water Damage today at (206) 494-9328.


I had Jake out to do one of three bids and he came in the lowest. This always makes me a little nervous because it was a waterfront home on Lake Washington. The flat roof had leaked substantially in the living room and down into the exterior walls. Mold was building up and once the walls were opened up, it was apparent that we didn't know the extent of the damage. At this point, Jake educated me on what needed to be done, was extremely fair in his pricing, and did the work quickly. I am a real estate broker and have worked with many brokers over the last 20 years. Jake and AAA are at the top of the list. I felt that he was honest and did a great job! I would highly recommend him.
Scott G., Bellevue, WA
The business owners are professional, courteous, and respectful of people's property. They have a "hands on" approach and are very attentive to every detail until the completion of the job. Once the water damage happened, it was hard to believe that the home could ever be put back to its original beauty. These guys are good!! They made the home even better than before!
Tom C., Tacoma, WA


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