Mold Removal

Mold is the unwelcome second chapter in any water damage scenario, usually cropping up in just a few short days following a flood or a spill, spreading quickly, and becoming almost impossible to successfully remediate. All it needs are the right conditions for growth, namely moisture, and lack of proper ventilation. Once mold shows up on the scene, your day just went from bad to worse.

Most of us have mold in our homes, at least to some degree. We see it on the floor in the shower or around washing machines, or perhaps in the kitchen. We can also usually get rid of it using mold agents purchased at the local market. Why then does mold present any relevant threat at all within the walls of our homes?

Mold is a perfectly natural element in the outdoor environment….and as long as it is doing what it was meant to do it presents no problem. Mold is responsible for breaking down dead organic matter and generally keeping nature clean and free of unsightly and unpleasant materials. It reproduces by way of microscopic spores released into the air and floating until they land somewhere that is conducive to their growth. We encounter mold almost every day in some form, but we are never aware of it because the concentrations are so insignificant.

Mold only becomes an issue when it establishes itself in an interior environment such as a basement, attic, or within a wall cavity or crawlspace. Now mold spores are going to be encountered in heavy concentrations, which means much more opportunity for additional spreading of the mold, as well as some serious health problems if the mold happens to be of the toxic or “black mold” variety. Some of these molds may cause problems for those with already weakened or immature immune systems, such as babies or older adults. These problems can include skin irritations, itchy and watery eyes, allergic reactions, as well as more serious neurological disorders and respiratory problems.

Mold doesn’t have to present a physical threat in order to become a serious issue, though. Because it eats away at the very surface material that it grows on, mold can have a major effect on your home’s structural integrity. Mold is easily disrupted if touched, and this means it can spread throughout the home and give rise to new growths. At the very least, mold creates an acrid, musty, unpleasant smell that may have an unwelcome effect on the the resale potential for your property.

At AAA All City Water Damage, we are fully aware of the problems commonly caused by mold, as well as the threat of potentially more serious problems. We have committed our company to the complete elimination of your mold problems as quickly and efficiently as possible, using the latest equipment and procedures that our industry has produced. Your family’s health and safety are our chief concern.

We take extreme care to remove the mold from your home without accidentally spreading it around, which is so often the case when performed by unqualified or inexperienced service providers. We seal off the affected area while we perform mold remediation, as this ensures that all of the mold remains in one place, and we use the very latest removal and remediation resources to eliminate the mold growth and remove it from your property. Our goal is to provide the absolute best quality service, customer care and satisfaction, and of course the industry’s most comprehensive guarantee.

AAA All City Water Damage is a full service restoration company serving the King, Pierce, Snohmish and Thurston county areas. We work hard to provide every client with quality, affordable cleanup and restoration services water damage, fires, wind, and mold, with a response time that is much faster than any of our competitors. Because disaster rarely accommodates your schedule, we are available 24/7 and offer same day emergency service in most cases, allowing us to be onsite and working to correct your water damage needs as soon as possible. Of course all work is covered by the best guarantee in the restoration industry. Don’t trust your home to just anyone. Call the IICRC certified restoration professionals at AAA All City Water Damage today at (206) 494-9328.