Sewage Cleanup

Inarguably the single nastiest problem that you can face as a homeowner, for obvious reasons. Classified as Category 3 Water or Black Water, sewage is filled with all kinds of dangerous parasites, fungi, bacteria, and other contaminants, any one of which are more than capable of rendering your family or pets seriously ill. Professional sewage damage cleanup is always recommended in these cases in order to prevent the spread of germs or other dangerous agents.
Unlike regular water damage, where everything just gets very, very wet, sewage damage brings its own special brand of problems to the table. Any surfaces that are exposed to the sewage should be considered contaminated, seriously contaminated, and will need to be cleaned, most likely multiple times. Sewage spills will always require specialized attention in order to make sure that they are successfully remediated and that no further threats to the building’s occupants remains.

AAA All City Water Damage is here to ensure that your sewage damage problem is cleaned up and everything restored to its pre loss state as rapidly and efficiently as possible. We will clean up the sewage spill, dry everything out, and then sanitize the affected surfaces as well as any items that may have come into contact. All of our work is backed by a 100% customer guarantee…this means that you will know the job was done right, the first time, with everything supported by the highest quality customer service.

Sewage backups and overflows are almost always the result of a malfunctioning toilet or sewage backflow system, although it may be churned up in the wake of a major flooding event as well. Imagine your home’s flooring, the sidewall, ceilings, all soaked by running sewage. Picture sewage leaking down from upstairs bathrooms, accumulating above ceilings and within wall cavities. Many of these surfaces are porous, which means they will be resistant to most forms of cleaning, retaining harmful fungi and bacteria that will continue to fester and grow. Not a pretty picture, is it?

Many items such as bedding, clothing, drapes, curtains, carpets, and other textiles, may have to be thrown out, since cleaning them would be either impossible or extremely difficult. In some cases, replacement is the more affordable option. We will help you make those determinations on what can be saved and what should be discarded.

Sewage removal and cleanup is a dangerous job, and not for the average homeowner. It involves a series of steps to be taken in a pre-determined order to make sure that the problem is thoroughly addressed. With that in mind, you need to hire a company that is able to handle every aspect of a sewage damage problem, from front to back, as well as making any and all necessary repairs to the property. We have the experience and equipment available to get the job done right, even for the largest cases of sewage backup. With our top flight customer service and comprehensive guarantee, we are the leading authority on all things related to water and sewage repair and restoration.

The threats to your health that are posed by sewage are very real, and should not be ignore or taken lightly. The sooner you address the problem, the sooner you can avoid any potential fallout. We can have a technician onsite within an hour of your call, ready to assess the problem and begin the sewage cleanup and damage restoration process.

AAA All City Water Damage is a full service restoration company serving the King, Pierce, Snohmish and Thurston county areas. We work hard to provide every client with quality, affordable cleanup and restoration services related to water, fires, wind, and mold remediation with a response time that is much faster than any of our competitors. Because disaster rarely accommodates your schedule, we are available 24/7 and offer same day emergency service in most cases, allowing us to be onsite and working to correct your water damage needs as soon as possible. Of course all work is covered by the best guarantee in the restoration industry. Don’t trust your home to just anyone. Call the IICRC certified restoration professionals at AAA All City Water Damage today at (206) 494-9328.